Going Remote Is Live: Updates from Shopify, Facebook, Spotify, Box, and More

This site is alive and kicking. I’ll be compiling all the latest news and announcements made by companies regarding remote work. Thank you for reading—I hope you’ll continue to tune in!

This week’s biggest news

This week was a big one for remote work announcements. After Jack Dorsey’s Twitter and Square announced last week that they would allow remote work indefinitely, this week brought similar announcements from Coinbase and Shopify. The wave of remote work announcements from medium-sized tech companies is beginning; I expect more announcements of permanent remote work in the coming weeks.

Facebook also announced in the company all-hands that they will implement a company-wide policy that allows certain employees to go remote. Employees are only be eligible if they are experienced and have a track record of good performance reviews. Employees would also have their salaries adjusted according to relative cost-of-living. On Hacker News this served as a reality check for folks who dreamt of taking their $350,000 per year fully loaded salary to a mansion in Omaha or wherever.

New on the Going Remote Master List

Users contributed internal news—unannounced publicly—from several high-profile tech companies. Spotify, Slice and Magic Lab (the owner of the dating app Bumble) are supporting remote work until the end of 2020 at least; Slack and Lyft have more conservative policies at present. Slack employees are expected back in the office starting in October, and Lyft employees are expeced back September 1.

I received a tip that Uber may be announcing a permanent-WFH-allowed policy. This is unconfirmed, so I haven’t yet added it to the master list. If you have any information about this, I’d love to hear about it. DMs, as they say, are open.